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아름다운 도시에 밤거리를 LED램프를 사용하여 보다 환상적인 분위기 연출이 가능합니다.
낮은 소비전력, 영속성 안정성이 뛰어나고 램프수명이 길어 램프교환이 필요 없습니다.

LEE-SC-DIA220-120V/240V-B/G/W (outdoor)
Color: 16.7*106 different color changes by mixing RGB (LEE-SCDIA220- 120V/240V-M) blue/green/white (LEE-SC-DIA220- 120V/ 240V-B/G/W)
Light Source: ultra bright LED
Beam Angle: 30o
Protection Rating: IP65
Housing: :aluminum alloy / stainless steel

2.Communication Specifications
Data Connection: DMX512
Controller: M/S or DMX512 controller
DMX Signal Input: 3-pin male connector

3.Electrical Specifications
Power Input: 100V~240V
Power Consumption: 12W

4.Display Instrucions
Static Color Display: Monochromatic static display
Multi-color Changing Display: M/S or DMX512 controlling mode to control synchronous change and other functions (Only LEE-SC-DIA220-120V/240V-M)

5.Life Span
This product uses solid LED as illuminator. Under normal conditions and environments (operating temperature range: -20▲C~40▲C), LED could last for up to100,000 hours.

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